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Set Up Email Account – cPanel

Learn how to Set Up an Email Account using cPanel. Get all the settings that you need to set up your email account on your mail client or mobile device. Configure the IMAP or POP3 (incoming) and SMTP (outgoing) to send and receive emails with your device.

Steps before the tutorial: Login to cPanel from Client Area | Login to cPanel using direct link | Create Email Account

Video tutorial – Set Up Email Account – cPanel

Step-by-step tutorial – Set Up Email Account – cPanel

  1. Login to cPanel.
    Tutorial: login from the Client Area or from the direct link.

    Find Email section and click the Email Accounts link.

    Extilum cPanel - Setup Email Account

  2. Connect Devices

    Choose the email you want to set up and click the button Connect Devices.

    Extilum cPanel - Setup Email Account

  3. Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts

    cPanel offers automatic configuration scripts for common mail clients.
    If your mail client appears in the automatic configuration scripts list, configure it by performing the following steps:
    – Locate your mail client in the Application section of the Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts section.
    – Select your mail client application’s script from the Protocols list next to your mail client. A new window will appear with instructions.
    – Review the system’s instructions, then click Proceed to continue. The system will then attempt to download the script.
    – Run the automatic configuration script.

    Extilum - cPanel - Automatic MailClient Configuration scripts

  4. Mail Client Manual Settings

    You can find the settings under Mail Client Manual Settings.

    We strongly recommend using the more secure SSL/TLS details rather than the insecure Non-SSL settings. This setting provides increased security.

    Extilum cPanel - Setup Email Account

  5. Email Instructions

    You can send the configuration instructions listed in the Mail Client Manual Settings section of the interface to a different email address. Enter the desired email address in the text box, then click Send.

    Password — Only instructs you to use the account’s password. This will not display the actual password.

    Extilum cPanel - Setup Email Account

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