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Mailing List Delegation – cPanel

Learn how to Delegate Mailing Lists using cPanel. You can delegate managing rights on a mailing list to specified list members. Delegates can approve messages that await approval. cPanel handles mailing lists with the third-party Mailman application. For more information, read the Mailman documentation.

Delegation comes with security risks because delegation grants the virtual user administration rights to the mailing list. These high privileges can take over the main cPanel account. Use this functionality only with users that you trust.

  1. Login to cPanel.

    Tutorial: login from the Client Area or from the direct link.

    Find Email section and click on Mailing Lists link.

  2. Current Lists

    Locate the mailing list that you want to manage.
    Click under Functions column Delegation Link.
    Select this option to allow other users to administer the mailing list.

  3. Move Available Users to List Administrators

    Double-click the user/users (or click on the user to select and then click on the arrow) to move them to the List Administrators field on the right.
    And now you have granted the users administrative privileges for the mailing list. 

    Click Save.

  4. Revoke users mailing list administrative privileges

    Under List Administrators double-click the user (or click on the user to select and then click on the arrow) to move them to the Available Users field on the left.

    Click Save.

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