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How to choose a Domain Name?

12 Easy steps for your perfect domain name.

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  1. A short domain name

    A short domain name makes it easier for you to share and is clearer to remember.

  2. Domain as brand

    Use your unique brand name as your domain name. Have a domain name that is easy for your audience to recognize.

  3. Say it

    If your domain name looks good when you write it, that may not be the case when you say it out loud.

  4. A Timeless domain

    When buying a domain name for your business, you should consider the domain’s long-term importance as the business grows.

  5. Other TLD choices

    When registering a domain, you should register the same domain with different TLDs like .com .net, etc., to help protect your brand.

  6. Creative Domain Hack

    Domain hacks integrate the TLD into the domain name. Some examples are BadC.at or Foc.us.Extilum Client Area - Domain name

  7. Avoid Hyphens

    It would be best not to use a hyphen in your domain name. Hyphens make it more challenging to share your domain and remember it.

  8. Check Domain copyright

    Run your domain name through copyright databases. Searching for existing trademarks could save you headaches in the future.

  9. Domain History

    Search for your domain within the “Wayback Machine” – archive of all websites. It allows you to see if your domain was previously used.

  10. Explain with a domain name

    Helpful keywords in your domain name can help explain your business to your audience.

  11. Social Media Handles

    Check and register Social Media Handles to make sure they are available for the domain name you want.

  12. Appropriate TLD’s

    There are hundreds of TLD options. Each has a unique purpose:
     .com TLD (commerce)
     .net TLD (network)
     .biz – business websites
     .info – informational websites
     .org – non-profit organizations
     .me – personal websites
     .blog – for bloggers
     .io – start-up companies

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