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Create Mailing List – cPanel

Learn how to Create Mailing Lists using cPanel. You can create, manage, and delete mailing lists. Mailing lists allow you to send one message to many recipients at the same time. cPanel handles mailing lists with the third-party Mailman application. For more information, read the Mailman documentation.

Video tutorial – Create Mailing List – cPanel

Step-by-step tutorial – Create Mailing List – cPanel

  1. Login to cPanel.

    Tutorial: login from the Client Area or the direct link.

    Find Email section and click on Mailing Lists link.

    Extilum cPanel - Create Mailing Lists

  2. Create a Mailing List.

    List Name:
    Type the mailing list name that you want.
    The mailing list name must only contain letters, numbers, underscore characters (_), periods (.), or dash characters (-). You cannot use spaces.
    Select the domain for the mailing list.

    Extilum cPanel - Create Mailing Lists

  3. Password and Access Type.

    Enter a secure password in the Password text box. It must contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The system will evaluate the password that you enter on a scale of 100. A weak password has 0 value, while a very secure password has 100 value. Or you can click Password Generator to let the system create a secure password for you. 
    Password (Again):
    Retype the same password from above.
    Access Type:
    Choose between Public and Private Access Type.
    Public archives exist for this mailing list.
    The subscriptions are open and the Mailman interface displays the list.
    Private archives exist for this mailing list.
    The administrator must approve subscriptions,
    and the Mailman interface does not display the mailing list.

    Usually mailing lists are private, not public.

    Click on Add button.

    Extilum cPanel - Create Mailing Lists

  4. Wait for the success message.

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