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Enable Hotlink protection – cPanel

Learn How to Enable Hotlink protection in cPanel. A hotlink happens when someone embeds content from your site in another site and uses your bandwidth to serve the files. You can use this interface to prevent this issue.

  1. Hotlink Protection

    Login to cPanel.
    Tutorial: login from the Client Area or the direct link.

    Find the Security section and click the Hotlink Protection link.

    Extilum cPanel - Security - Hotlik protection

  2. Hotlink Protection

    Click the Enable button to start Hotlink protection.

    Extilum cPanel - Security - Hotlik protection

  3. Configure Hotlink Protection

    URLs to allow access
    Review the list of permitted URLs.
    By default, this list will include any subdomains you have configured. Add or remove URLs as required.
    Block direct access for the following extensions
    Review the list of blocked file types.
    Most popular image types are blocked by default, but you can add any file extension here to protect your media.
    Allow direct requests
    Check this box to allow visitors access to specific content through the URL.
    For example, if you enable this setting, a visitor could enter http://www.example.com/folder/example.jpg as a URL to access the example.jpg file.
    Redirect the request to the following URL
    Type the URL to which you want to redirect hotlink requests.

    Click the Submit button.

    Extilum cPanel - Security - Hotlik protection

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