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Get Domain EPP Code – Client Area

Learn How to Get Domain EPP Code in Client Area. An Auth-Code, also known as an EPP code, authorization code, transfer code, or Auth-Info Code, is a generated passcode required to transfer an Internet domain name between domain registrars. The code is intended to indicate that the domain name owner has authorized the transfer.

Auth-Codes are created by the current registrar of the domain. The registrar is required to provide the Auth-Code to the domain name owner within five calendar days of the owner’s request, and ICANN accepts complaints about registrars that do not. Some registrars allow Auth-Codes to be generated by the domain owners through the registrar’s website.

Video tutorial – Get Domain EPP Code in Client Area

Step-by-step tutorial – Get Domain EPP Code in Client Area

  1. Login to Extilum Client Area

    Click this link to login.

    Click the blue Domains button.

    Extilum Client Area - EPP code

  2. My Domains

    Click the Manage button next to domain you want to manage.

    Extilum Client Area - EPP code

  3. Manage Domain

    Click the Get EPP Code button in the Manage Panel on the right.

    Extilum Client Area - EPP code

  4. Get EPP Code

    You’ll get a message that the EPP code request was successful!
    And that it has been sent to the registrant email address.
    Check the Registrant email address for the Code.

    Extilum Client Area - EPP code

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