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MultiPHP Manager – cPanel

Learn How to Use MultiPHP Manager in cPanel. cPanel’s MultiPHP Manager interface allows you to easily manage your account’s PHP configuration. In this interface, you can manage the PHP version or pool option of any virtual host. The main advantage of the MultiPHP Manager is allowing users to select different PHP versions for each domain.

PHP is the programming language used to power Concrete CMS. Older versions of PHP stop receiving updates and is a security issue for your websites as new PHP vulnerabilities arise. Servers and websites need to stay secure.

Video tutorial – Use MultiPHP Manager – cPanel

Step-by-step tutorial – Use MultiPHP Manager – cPanel

  1. MultiPHP Manager

    Login to cPanel.
    Tutorial: login from the Client Area or the direct link.

    Find the Software section and click the MultiPHP Manager link.

    Extilum cPanel - MultiPHP Manager

  2. System PHP Version

    The system PHP version refers to version of PHP that functions as the global default for all accounts.
    Only the system administrator can set the system PHP version.
    Any primary domain that is set to Inherit uses the system PHP version.

    Extilum cPanel - MultiPHP Manager

  3. Set PHP Version per Domain

    Domain List
    Select the checkbox for the domain/subdomain that you wish to change the PHP version.
    PHP Version
    Select the desired version of PHP from the PHP Version menu. To always use the system default, select inherit.
    Click the Apply button. The system will change the selected domain’s PHP version.

    Extilum cPanel - MultiPHP Manager

  4. Wait for the success message.

    Extilum cPanel - MultiPHP Manager

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