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Redirect Domains – cPanel

Learn How to Redirect Domains in cPanel. The Redirects interface sends all visitors of a domain or particular page to a different URL. 

There may be times when you need to redirect traffic from one domain to another. For example, you may need to route all traffic from yourdomain.com to yourdomain.net. You can also redirect specific pages, such as yourdomain.com/news.html to yourdomain.net/blog.html. 

Video tutorial – Redirect Domains – cPanel

Step-by-step tutorial – Redirect Domains – cPanel

  1. Redirects

    Login to cPanel.
    Tutorial: login from the Client Area or the direct link.

    Find the Domains section and click the Redirects link.

    Extilum cPanel - Redirects

  2. Add Redirect

    Choose if you want to create a Permanent (301) or Temporary (302) redirect
    — Permanent (301) — This setting notifies the visitor’s browser to update its records.
    — Temporary (302) — This setting does not update the visitor’s bookmarks.

    Extilum cPanel - Redirects

  3. https?://(www.)?

    Select a domain name from the menu, or select **All Public Domains** to redirect all of the domains that your cPanel account controls.

    Extilum cPanel - Redirects

  4. Redirect options

    — Type the rest of the URL from which you wish the server to redirect visitors. For example, if you wish to redirect
    http://example.com/directory.file.html to another URL, enter directory/file.html in this text box.
    Redirects to
    — Type the URL to which you wish to redirect users.
    You must specify a protocol in this text box. For example, http://, https://, or ftp://.
    www. redirection
    Only redirect with www.
    — This setting only redirects visitors who enter the www. prefix before the domain name part of the URL.
    Redirect with or without www.
    — This setting redirects all users, regardless of whether the visitor enters the www. prefix before the domain name part of the URL.
    Do Not Redirect www.
    — This setting does not redirect users who enter the www. prefix before the domain name part of the URL.
    Wild Card Redirect
    Select the Wild Card Redirect setting if you wish to redirect all files within a directory to the same filename in the new directory. For example, if you enable the Wild Card Redirect setting so that example1.com redirects to example.com, then a visitor who tries to access the http://example1.com/pic.jpg URL redirects to the http://example.com/pic.jpg URL.

    Click the Add button.

    Extilum cPanel - Redirects

  5. Wait for the success message

    Extilum cPanel - Redirects

  6. Current Redirects

    Check the redirect Under Current Redirect.

    Extilum cPanel - Redirects

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